Pilot Self-Acting

The KOMOTO PR-1807A pressure reducing valves are the most advanced two-path control pilot type, pressure regulators. Pilot-type pressure regulators provide better accuracy and higher capacity compared to conventional direct-type pressure regulators. And Two-path control type of pilot operated regulators offer quicker response time and more precise control ability than other types of pilot operated regulators.

The KOMOTO PR-1807A pressure reducing valves precisely control downstream pressure to predetermined set pressure. The superior performance of the KOMOTO PR-1807A series is due to the amplifying effect of the pilot and the two-path control system. Changes in outlet pressure act quickly on the actuator diaphragm to provide a fast response to system changes.


  • Quick-acting two-path control pilot control system
  • Top-entry design for ease of maintenance
  • Variable actuator sizes for all pressure control ranges
  • Sufficient balanced diaphragm for increased sensitivity
  • Full port design for high capacity

Control range: 0.005 to 45 BarG
Temperature Range : -25 ~ 200 ˚c
Size : 1/2” ~ 2”