1500 Series

The changeover valve CV-1500 Series permits to intercept one of two valves mounted on it making operate simultaneously the other one and permitting to carrying out the disassembling and the maintenance of the intercepted valve. The simultaneous interception of the two valves is never possible.

The changeover valve’s use on plants permits to execute the ordinary maintenance of the safety valves without stopping the production and without discharging pressure of equipment, saving time and refilling costs. On changeover valve body threaded connections are available in order to stirrup the changeover valve-safety valve unit. The mounted valves can be positioned in the most opportune direction.

The operation of the changeover valve is made by a hand wheel: turning clockwise the handwheel, the farther valve to the handwheel itself is intercepted; turning counterclockwise the handwheel, the closest valve is intercepted. A label positioned on the handwheel shows the correct rotation to be followed in order to intercept the valve that should be removed.