Korea Motoyama Inc. was founded in 1988 through the technology and capital investment by Japan Motoyama Inc., which has almost 90 years of history.

As one of the leading players in this industry, Japan Motoyama Inc. has provided more than one million valves all over the world. Based on its advanced technologies and experiences, Korea Motoyama Inc. has provided the ‘KOMOTO®’ brand valves to numerous global companies. KOMOTO® brand valves have been widely used in a wide range of industries including oil & gas, refineries, power plants, petrochemical plants, and steel mills to accurately control cryogenic fluids, superheated steam, and corrosive fluids under severe service conditions.

With long experiences of Japan Motoyama Inc., Korea Motoyama Inc., with 30 years of experience continues to invest in research and development, testing facilities, and quality control systems. Today, we are ready to provide our customers with the best solutions to control special fluids under any severe conditions.

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Technical Ltd. is a manufacturing company located in Vignate (Italy), Milan area, specialized in safety valves production.

Since 1973, Technical products are used to protect plants of different kinds of industries, especially in the Oil & Gas industry for both off-shore and in-shore installations. Over the years the Company has developed different series of products to give the best response, in terms of safety, to the characteristics of different plants. Safety valve production has been integrated with several different instrumentations: liquid discharge valves and pneumatic automatisms. The Company’s strengths are the availability to respond to requests for customized customization in terms of design and performance, the competence and experience of its staff, the quality of its organization and products and, above all, the commitment to obtaining customers’ maximum satisfaction. TECHNICAL safety valves are certified in compliance with European Regulation PED (Pressure Equipment Directive – marking  CE) and American ASME (marking UV-Stamp).

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Valland is located in Piantedo, at the entry of Valtellina, around 70Km north of Milan.

Here at Valland we are committed to the design and manufacture of high quality and tailor-made Ball, Gate and Check Valves. Our main market is the Oil & Gas exploration and production sectors, including subsea and transmission, and other special service industrial application.

Our Company was established in 2006 by people that have been working in the valve business since more than 30 years and have engineered valves which represent the most updated solutions for the severe offshore environment and subsea application. 

Nowadays Valland is best known for its focus on the clients’ needs, achieving outstanding performances by our continuous improvement and technical skills. Our primary goal is providing our customers with the best products equipped with cutting edge solutions and – of course – on time delivery!

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